Keeping a Job

Finding a job is a critical step in the employment process. However, keeping that job is equally significant. Randall S. Hansen shared some of the top do's and don'ts of job preservation (QuintessentialCareers). A few examples are included as follows:


Career Advancement
5 Tips to Improve Your Career Development and Management - This short article is filled with brief suggestions for developing and managing career growth and advancement.

Factors that Influence Employer Decisions in Hiring and Retaining an Employee with a Disability
Journal article with findings of an employer survey that appears to indicate that employers rate work performance higher than disability issues or social responsibility in hiring and retaining employees with disabilities.

Non-Paid Community-Based Vocational Educational (CBVE) Programs (pdf)
This technical assistance paper (TAP) contains a form for evaluating 22 work maturity skills which are directly related to job retention and advancement.

Services and Supports People with Disabilities Need to Stay Employed - Report
This new report by Denny-Brown, N., O’Day, B. & McLeod, S. (2013, May 30). Washingon, DC: Mathematica Policy Research is based on interviews with 15 people with disabilities who made at least $28,000. Findings indicated that they used creative strategies and approaches to find employment and access adaptive equipment. The majority of respondents needed some kind of accommodation on the job with the most common being staff support. Other findings included a wide variation in out-of-pocket expenses for personal health and employment supports.

Soft Skills: The Competitive Edge
Website identifies six competencies that are keys to success for younger workers with disabilities: networking, enthusiasm, professionalism, communication skills, teamwork and problem solving and critical thinking.

Workforce Retention, Absence and Disability Management: Summary of Disability Management Employer Coalition/Virginia Commonwealth University Survey (pdf)
A paper summarizing findings from a survey of 95 progressive employers found that factors rated most highly for employee retention were employee awareness of benefits and services, fair compensation, compelling organizational mission, credible managers, equitable and respectful treatment of employees and employees engaged with the organization and their jobs.


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