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Project 10 STING RAY

Sting Ray

Project 10 STING RAY (Students Transitioning Into the Next Generation, Recognizing Alternatives  for Youth) is a partnership of the Pinellas County School District, Project 10, the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, the Florida Department of Education, and the Florida Governor’s Commission on Disabilities. It offers young adults with intellectual disabilities, ages 18 to 22, an opportunity to experience life on a college campus while developing self-determination, independent living, and employability skills.

STING RAY’s mission is to provide an innovative and transformational postsecondary learning experience that will empower young adults with significant cognitive disabilities to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become independent and productive citizens.

Located on the University of South Florida (USF) St. Petersburg campus, the innovative STING RAY program emphasizes

The STING RAY curriculum is individualized, person-centered, and adaptive, and is based on the student’s individual needs, strengths, and interests. Instruction is provided in the following areas:

For more information, download the STING RAY brochure here.

Read The STING RAY Current, a newsletter developed by the students and published through Microsoft Publisher! The Current was intended to update the STING RAY Advisory committee on the students' activities during their on-campus orientation in the spring of 2010. Additional issues will be posted as they are published:

The STING RAY Current - February 2015

The STING RAY Current - August 2013
Accessible RTF coming soon!

The STING RAY Current - June 2012
Accessible RTF coming soon!

The STING RAY Current - December 2011
Accessible RTF coming soon!

The STING RAY Current - June 2011 
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The STING RAY Current - January 2011
Accessible RTF:

The STING RAY Current - June 2010
Accessible RTF:

If you have questions or would like to participate in STING RAY, please contact:

L. Danielle Roberts-Dahmn, STING RAY Project Coordinator
University of South Florida St. Petersburg
(727) 873-4654 or


Want to be a “Bull Buddy” to a STING RAY student?

 We need some special people to mentor STING RAY students:

 Faculty Mentors help STING RAY students transition to college by
 providing enhanced learning experiences, a sense of belonging, and a better
 understanding of academic expectations.

 Student Mentors serve as valuable role models and assist STING RAY
 students with understanding and participating in college life and campus

 Employer Mentors provide opportunities for STING RAY students to
 participate in job shadowing, on-the-job training, paid or unpaid work
 experiences, and link students with on-the-job mentors who can provide
 natural workplace supports.

 For more information on becoming a Bull Buddy, contact L. Danielle Roberts-
 Dahm, STING RAY Project Coordinator, at (727) 873-4654 or

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