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Dropout Prevention

The goals of the SSTIC Subcommittee on Dropout Prevention include



Early Warning System (EWS) Tool
Using readily available student data, this MS Excel-based program identifies early warning signs of students who may be at risk of dropping out of high school. In addition to the tool, implementation and technical manuals as well as other resources are provided.

Florida Department of Education, Dropout Prevention Resources and Publications
The Office of Dropout Prevention provides technical assistance, strategies and resources to assist students, schools, parents and community organizations throughout the state of Florida.

National Dropout Prevention Center/Network
The mission of the NDPC Network is to increase high school graduation rates through research and evidence-based solutions.

National High School Center, Dropout Prevention
This website provides background on the high school dropout problem and features questions and answers as well as resources ondropout prevention, including Early Warning Systems.

NDPC/N Quarterly Newsletter

NDPC/N Radio Webcasts

National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities
NDPC-SD is committed to providing technical assistance to assist states in building capacity to design/select and implement effective, evidence-based interventions and programs to address dropout among students with disabilities. It employs various strategies to transfer knowledge and to support systems change and capacity building including direct consultation in designing state-level initiatives based on state-identified needs, product and document reviews, technical assistance, professional development institutes, and Web-based resources.

NDPC-SD Resources for Local Education Agencies
This web page contains links to information on graduation rate, dropout prevention including the Dropout Prevention Intervention Framework and Data Probes Worksheet, evidence-based practices, research syntheses, presentations, and more.

BIG IDEAS Newsletter Archive

NDPC-SD Data Probe Worksheet

NDPC-SD Listserve

NDPC-SD Teleseminar Archive

PACER Center, Dropout Prevention Project
PACER Center collaborates with state and national agencies and organizations to address dropout prevention for students with disabilities, with a focus on encouraging effective parent involvement with their transition-aged youth.


Evidence-Based Strategies

Check and Connect 
Check & Connect is a model of sustained intervention for promoting students' engagement with school and learning that is structured to maximize personal contact and opportunities to build trusting relationships. Student levels of engagement (such as attendance, grades, suspensions) are "checked" regularly and used to guide the monitors' efforts to increase and maintain students' "connection" with school.

SSTIC Subcommittee onDropout Prevention

Contact Information
Freddy Valadez, M.Ed., Facilitator 
Region 4 Transition Representative
Project 10: Transition Education Network
Cell: (941) 920-4317

Project 10: Transition Education Network
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