Independent Living

The Independent Living Category provides information and resources for school professionals, students and families regarding independent living options and strategies for students with disabilities. Independent living has been defined as:

The supports needed by a person with disabilities in the area of independent living will vary from person to person and community to community. However, support needs can be organized around housing options, transportation, social and recreational activities, shopping and financial management, health and safety and self-determination. Some people with disabilities may need Personal Assistance Services (PAS) which may include job-related and/or personal services (NCWD/Youth, 2010).

The information in this category is divided into the following five sections:

Each of these sections contains multiple pages that explore supporting topics. A resource page, rich with human resources and information, is also provided for each section. The possession of self-determination skills is an integral part of the ability of a person with disabilities to have any level of independent living. For more information, see our page on Self-Determination.


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