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Senate Bill 4 passed into Florida law with an effective date of July 1, 2010. The law addresses several aspects of education accountability including

  • Middle Grades Promotion Requirements
  • High School Graduation Requirements
  • Acceleration Courses
  • Career and Professional Academies
  • Student Assessment Program
  • School Grading System
  • School Improvement Rating for Alternative Schools
  • Florida School Recognition Program
  • Related Resources

Additional information, including the text of the bill, can be accessed on the Florida Department of Education’s Senate Bill 4 page at

Secondary Transition, Florida Department of Education
The Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services has created a webpage with state and national resources, state contacts, regulations and general information on secondary transition for parents, educators and professionals. 

NEW! Graduation Requirements
This web page from the Bureau of Curriculum & Instruction contains links to Florida statutes specifying graduation requirements as well as information on diploma options, Florida’s Guide to Public High School Graduation, Pathways to Success, and graduation program planning resources.

House Bill 1255: Accelerated High School Graduation Options
On July 22, 2011, the Florida Department of Education issued a memorandum discussing provisions of HB 1255: Accelerated High School Graduation Options which was recently signed into law. The Memorandum is available at 

End of Course Assessment Results for Students with Disabilities
This June 27, 2011, Memorandum from the Florida Department of Education addresses two questions regarding End of Course assessment results for students with disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions: Students Served in Exceptional Student Education: Completing the Middle School Career/Education Planning Course and ePEP
This FAQ, revised June 10, 2010, describes how Exceptional Student Education requirements are linked to the middle school career/education planning course and electronic Personal Education Planner (ePEP).

The "Senate Bill 4 Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities" information presented by the Florida Department of Education at Project 10 Institutes and summaries of the resulting Question and Answer sessions are provided below:  

Senate Bill 4 Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities
Presented by FDOE at the 2010-2011 Regional Institutes 

Senate Bill 4 Question & Answer Summaries/Handouts

          Compilation of All SB4 Questions and Answers

          (Questions are grouped by topic:  End of Course Assessments,
          Performance-Based Exit Option, Diplomas, Miscellaneous, and Resources

          Region 5 Spring Institute (April 7, 2011) 

          Region 4 Winter Institute  (February 25, 2011)

          Region 1 Winter Institute  (February 4, 2011)          

          Region 3 Winter Institute  (January 25, 2011)  

          Region 2 Fall Institute  (November 9, 2010) 



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through a grant by the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services,
Florida Department of Education (2010 - 2011, 291-2621A-1C008).

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