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This section contains publications produced by Project 10.

The intended audience for this series includes school and program personnel, including teachers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, employment specialists, guidance counselors, mental health specialists, and juvenile justice personnel who work with transition-aged youth and young adults, as well as families and students with disabilities. 

Check back often for additions and updates.

NEW! Extended Transition (Florida 18-22 Programs) Transition_Florida_18-22_Programs.pdf

NEW! Secondary Transition Roadmap for Families Transition_Roadmap_updated_6.14.17_FINAL.pdf
Project 10 has just released a fresh, new resource that will assist families to become familiar with graduation and post-school options available to students with disabilities. This twelve-page booklet, Secondary Transition Roadmap for Families, shares easy-to-follow directions that guide families and students toward transition destinations- to graduation and beyond.

School-Based Enterprise Development: Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating
Provides a practical application for developing (planning, implementing, and evaluating) a school-based enterprise (SBE). May also be used to draft literature-supported introductions for grants, provide rationales for starting or supporting a SBE, discuss or research best or promising practices related to transition-aged youth and young adults, and create classroom exercises for real-world scenarios. (2008)

Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Families
This planning guide for the successful transition of a student with disabilities from school to adult life is written for families of Florida’s students with disabilities. However, other people involved in transition planning, such as students and teachers, will also find this guide helpful. (Updated 2012)Accessible RTF: Spanish:

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