Safety ties into physical and mental health. Keeping youth safe while in school is the responsibility of school personnel. Below are some resources to support safe schools.

American School Bus Council
This coalition of the school transportation community is committed to providing safe, effective, efficient and healthy transportation for the more than 25 million school children who ride school buses each day. The website features information and statistics as well as an educator's toolkit. 

Center for Safe Schools, Emergency Management
The Center features in-depth information about emergency management for schools.

Florida Department of Education, Office of Safe Schools
The Office of Safe Schools serves to promote and support safe learning environments by addressing issues of student safety and academic success on state, district and school levels. Schools that implement school safety measures, drug prevention programs and positive school climate that promote caring relationships either directly or indirectly facilitate rising student academic achievement.

Safety and children with Disabilities
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) features information for parents and schools related to keeping children with disabilities safe.

For additional information, visit our page on Bullying Resources.