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Extended Transition (Florida 18-22 Programs) List
Extended Transition (Florida 18-22 Programs) List PDF
Secondary Transition Roadmap for Families
Secondary Transition Roadmap for Families PDF
P10 Brochure - 2017
P10 Brochure - 2017 PDF

This section features the newest publications produced by Project 10.

The intended audience for this series includes school and program personnel, including teachers, vocational rehabilitation counselors, employment specialists, guidance counselors, mental health specialists, and juvenile justice personnel who work with transition-aged youth and young adults, as well as families and students with disabilities.

Check back often for additions and updates.

Below are descriptions of our current publications. To download a specific publication, select it from the Documents & Files box on the right side of this page.

2017 Project 10 Brochure (pdf)

Extended Transition (18-22 Transition Programs) List (pdf)
Project 10 has just released this publication which includes information on programs and activities for 18-22 year-olds in the state. Specific program categories, names, and activities, along with the districts offering them, are described in this document.

Secondary Transition Roadmap for Families (pdf)
Project 10 recently developed this resource that will assist families to become familiar with graduation and post-school options available to students with disabilities. This eight-page booklet, Secondary Transition Roadmap for Families, shares easy-to-follow directions that guide families and students toward transition destinations- to graduation and beyond.

Standing Up For Me
The Standing Up For Me curriculum was developed in Florida and designed to advance the self-determination and self-advocacy skills of youth in Exceptional Student Education (ESE). The 2012 version of this curriculum covers the primary, intermediate, middle and high school grades and includes classroom materials, activities and evaluations.

Note: You may contact your Regional Transition Representative (RTR) to schedule a training.

Coming Soon!

Community-Based Instruction: An Instructional Strategy

The Family Guide to Secondary Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities

School-Based Enterprise Development: Planning, Implementing and Evaluating