Upcoming Conferences and Webinars

Check back often for a list of upcoming conferences and webinars, both live and virtual!

Upcoming Conferences

Florida Council for Exceptional Children (FCEC) 72nd Annual Conference
October 13-15, 2019
Daytona Beach, FL
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Educational Strategies and Student Engagement Institute (ESSEI)

November 18-20, 2019
The Florida Hotel and Conference Center, Orlando, Florida
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Upcoming Webinars

Webinar Series: Florida Virtual College Week - Expert Advice
October 28-30, 2019
This webinar series is a three-day event that will provide high school counselors, students and parents with a wide variety of live webinars, featuring experts in the areas of college and university admissions, scholarships, financial aid and career planning. The event speakers also represent a wide variety of institutions from the Florida College System, the State University System and the Florida Department of Education (FDOE).
See breakdown of the schedule below.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Earn a Sunshine State Scholarship I 4:00 pm EST
If you are a Florida resident and attend a Florida college or university, you might be eligible for a Bright Futures Scholarship. Learn how this Florida scholarship program can help you earn a college degree without a mountain of debt.
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Get a Jump Start on College
I 5:00 pm EST
Did you know you can enroll in college courses while you’re still in high school? Dual enrollment allows you to earn credit towards both your high school diploma and your college degree. Learn how dual enrollment can get you started with completing your college degree.
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Make a Plan to Land Your Dream Job I 6:00 pm EST
Get ready to shine. Learn how MyCareerShines, Florida’s free online education and career planning system, can help you find a rewarding career and make a plan to land your dream job.
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Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Succeed in School with Online Courses I 4:00 pm EST
With today’s technology, you can complete college courses on your schedule – learning virtually anywhere, at any time. Learn how online courses can help you earn a college degree now.
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Earn a Degree without the Debt I 5:00 pm EST
Don’t let the cost of college keep you from pursuing a degree. Learn how to apply for financial aid to reduce the cost of a college degree, starting with the FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid.
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FloridaShines for You I 6:00 pm EST
FloridaShines is Florida’s Student Hub of Innovative Educational Services. Learn what online educational services can help you shine in high school, college and your career.
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Wednesday, October 30, 2019 I 4:00 pm EST

Prepare to Shine in Your Career
Are you ready to pursue your career but need more training to qualify for a job? Learn how enrolling in a Career Center can prepare you for success in your chosen field.
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Navigate the Admissions Process I 5:00 pm EST
Do you know where you want to go to college or are you still exploring options? Understanding each institution’s requirements will help in your search. Learn about the requirements for Florida’s colleges and universities, and how to navigate the admissions process to get into the school of your choice.
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Finish Up Your College Degree I 6:00 pm EST
Did you attend college but left before earning a degree? Complete Florida gives you the opportunity to finish your degree. Learn how the online courses and coaches at Complete Florida can help you complete your degree.
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Webinar Series: Career and Technical Education (CTE) for Students with Disabilities
Secondary CTE has long been a viable pathway for developing the skills of students with disabilities (SWD) and preparing them for the future. Changes in Perkins V and an increasing emphasis on college and career readiness for all students are bringing the needs of SWD to the forefront of the CTE conversation. This five-part webinar series will take a deep dive into programs, practices and partnerships among CTE and special education practitioners that support SWD in CTE. Each webinar will last 90 minutes, including Q & A, and will be available for later viewing at https://transitionta.org/events-details.

This series is a collaboration among Penn State University’s Workforce Education program, the National Technical Assistance Center on Transition (NTACT) and ACTE.

Classroom Supports: Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction
Wednesday, October 16, 2019 3:00 – 4:30 pm EST
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Classroom Management: Behavioral Supports, Motivation, Reflective Teaching

Thursday, November 21, 2019 3:00 – 4:30 pm EST
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Toward Best Practices: Programs that Work, Models Toward Success
Thursday, December 19, 2019 3:00 – 4:30 pm EST
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