Districts by Region

Florida is broken up into 5 geographic regions, each with its own Project 10 Regional Transition Representative (RTR). Select a region to view a list of its districts or navigate directly to a district using the table at the bottom of this page.

Region 1 - Northwest Florida
List of Districts
Tracy Dempsey, Region 1 Transition Representative
tracydempsey@usf.edu | (850) 745-1373

Region 2 - Northeast Florida
List of Districts
Carly Detlefsen, Region 2 Transition Representative
cdetlefsen@usf.edu | (904) 651-2115

Region 3 - East Central Florida
List of Districts
Franklin Coker, Region 3 Transition Representative
fjcoker@usf.edu | (407) 721-6907

Region 4 - West Central Florida
List of Districts
Federico Valadez, Region 4 Representative
fvaladez@usf.edu | (941) 920-4317

Region 5 - South Florida
List of Districts
Lisa Friedman-Chavez, Region 5 Representative
Lfchavez@usf.edu | (786) 417-3904

Please note: While district resources are updated regularly, resource information changes are ongoing. Consequently, if you are aware of any needed changes, please send the information directly to the Project 10 Regional Transition Representative (RTR) for that region/district. RTR contact information is available below.

Florida District Map