State Transition and Related Projects Contacts

Scroll to find the websites and other contact information for secondary transition contacts in the following Florida departments and divisions:

  • Bureau of Exceptional Student Education (BESE)
  • Division of Career and Adult Education
  • Division of Florida Colleges
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Board of Governors of the Florida University System
  • Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Bureau of Exceptional Student Education (BESE)
Wendy Metty, Secondary Transition Specialist |
(850) 245-0475
Visit the FDOE BESE Discretionary Project page for a complete list of projects.

Division of Blind Services
Robert Lee Doyle, III, Director |
(850) 245-0300 | (800) 342-1828

Division of Career and Adult Education
Instructional Support Services, Career and Technical Education Programs
Henry Mack, Chancellor |
(850) 245-5071

Division of Florida Colleges
Alexander Jordan, Director of Student and Administrative Affairs |
(850) 245 9488

Department of Juvenile Justice
Carla Greene, Program Director, Juvenile Justice Education | 
(850) 717-2708

Board of Governors, State University Systems
Lynda Page, Director of Articulation, Academic and Student Affairs |
(850) 245-0466
Lynn Hunt Nelson, Director of Academic & Student Affairs |

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Carmen E. Dupoint, VR Transition Administration |
General Inquiries:
(850) 245-3299