Housing Options Guide and Resource Library

Agency for Persons with Disabilities (APD) Supported Living
This website features an overview of the Supported Living services available through APD as well as information to support independent living.

APD's Supported Living Guide
This guide provides a functional framework for implementing supported living services and understanding the philosophy supported living encompasses. It explores best practices and defines the rules and regulations which govern the supported living initiative.

Housing in Florida: A Resource Guide for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (2013)
This guide identifies and explains the housing resources available in each of Florida's communities so that people with developmental disabilities will be better able to access the housing they desire.

I'm Determined: Transition Guide for Independent Living
This website offers guiding questions to form independent living goals and age-appropriate goals for students of various ages from 10 to 21 years old.

Independent Living Research Utilization (ILRU) Center
ILRU is a national center for information, training, research and technical assistance in order to create opportunities for independence for people with disabilities.

Residential Options of Florida (ROOF) Housing Resource
ROOF is dedicated to providing information on housing for people with developmental disabilities. The Housing Resources section of the website is designed to provide practical information and links to additional resources.