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About Project 10

Project 10: Transition Education Network is Florida’s statewide discretionary project supporting the secondary transition of youth with disabilities.  It is funded by the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services (BEESS), within the Florida Department of Education. Project 10’s primary charge is to assist school districts in providing appropriate planning and timely transition services and programs to assist youth with disabilities in their transition to adulthood. Project 10 also serves as a collaborative resource for other state agencies, discretionary projects, non-profit organizations, and families in the provision of transition services for students served in exceptional student education.

Project 10 uses regional personnel, 21st Century technology, extensive collaboration, and data-driven accountability to deliver services, supports, and information to all stakeholders focused on improving post-school outcomes for students served in exceptional student education within Florida. 

Transition representatives from Project 10 work closely with school district personnel within their region to identify the programmatic and training needs of each district, and assist them with meeting their goals in the area of secondary transition. 21st Century technology is used for on-going electronic communications via a transition listserv, "Transition Wheel" topics, the Project 10 website, and timely products and updates on transition issues. Project 10 collaborates in related state activities and provides support to the State Transition Steering Committee and District Interagency Councils. It also produces a number of products, supports pilot transition activities across the state, provides training and technical assistance services, and develops research-supported activities.   

Project 10 is currently focusing on four major initiatives:

  • Capacity building to implement secondary transition services
  • Interagency collaboration
  • Transition legislation and policy, and
  • Student development and outcomes

These initiatives will help provide the training, technical assistance, and resources for personnel throughout the state who are working to improve the future success of students with disabilities.

Project 10 is housed at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg's (USFSP) College of Education.



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