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School Based Enterprise

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Region 2 Northeast SBEs
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“A School-Based Enterprise (SBE) is a set of entrepreneurial activities undertaken by students that provides an economic, social, and educational return to the student, school, and community. Student efforts are designed to enhance personal responsibility, an appreciation of risk versus reward, and confidence in achieving and maintaining independence.” (Gamache & Knab, 2008, School-Based Enterprise Development: Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating. Tallahassee, FL: Florida Department of Education, available at

“School-based enterprises are effective educational tools in helping to prepare students for the transition from school to work or college. For many students, they provide the first work experience; for others, they provide an opportunity to build management, supervision and leadership skills. While some in the education community have only recently discovered the value of school-based enterprises, marketing educators and DECA advisors have used them as a powerful teaching tool for more than four decades.” (DECA SBE website,

There are over a hundred school-based enterprises operating in Florida schools, with large numbers operating in some regions. To find an SBE in your area, click on the appropriate region in the Categories list to the above right.    


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