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CREST Adults Transitioning Successfully (CATS)
A Community-Based Vocational Education Program (CBVE) 
Located on the Citrus Resources for Exceptional Students in Transition (CREST) Campus                                                                                                                                                                  

2600 S. Panther Pride Drive
Lecanto, FL 34461
Karl Amundson
CATS is a CBVE for students with disabilities ages 18-21 who have received a Special Diploma or for students whose IEPs recommend CBVE and have deferred receipt of their diplomas. Services are provided at the CREST School and in the community with Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teachers, Job Coaches and ESE staff. The CATS staff provide instruction in functional academics and employability skills. Students have the opportunity to enroll in career experience classes
where they can participate in off-campus work programs,Volunteering and / or Community Based
Instruction Trips.  In addition to providing direct instruction,the ESE teachers provide support to
employers participating in the work program.

The Transition Academy
Employability Program
Withlacoochee Technical Institute
    1201 West Main Street
    Inverness, FL 34450
      (352) 726-2430 
      Dave Benthusen
      Ron Moore
      Cheryl Palmer

The Transition Academy is a program for students with disabilities who received a Special Diploma. Located on the campus of the Withlacoochee Technical Institute, it provides instruction in functional academics and employability skills. Students may also enroll in career education or job preparatory classes or participate in an off-campus work program. In addition to providing direct instruction to students, the ESE (Exceptional Student Education) teacher supports other participating faculty and employers.



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Florida Department of Education (2010 - 2011, 291-2621A-1C008).

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