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Academy for Community Transition (ACT)
Vocational Training & Community-Based Instruction
(941) 924-1365
The School Board of Sarasota County
Suncoast Technical College
4748 S Beneva Rd
Sarasota, FL 34233
    Elizabeth Lewis, ACT Coordinator 
   Stacey Gallagher, Instructor  
   Ines Markovich, Instructor      
   Helen Reardon, Instructor
At Suncoast Technical College Access students with disabilities embrace opportunities in the areas of postsecondary employment, education, and community connections. Our mission is for students to lead meaningful and purposeful lives after graduation, achieving independent participation and active involvement in adult education programs, social or community organizations and employment opportunities. To foster successful outcomes ACT integrates transition planning, work experiences, communication skills, life skills, socialization, self-determination, and community access in an innovative and individualized program for young adults with intellectual disabilities.

Academy for Individual Mentoring (A.I.M.)
Community Based Work Experience & Community Based Instruction
Oak Park School
7285 Proctor Road, Sarasota, FL 34241
Martha Galvin, Instructor 
      (941) 361-6428 Ext. 56162
Maria Gradin, Instructor
A.I.M. is a post-secondary programs for students who have earned a Special Diploma or deferred Standard Access Diploma. Students are taught skills and strategies for their best outcomes within school, community, home and transitioning to the post school environment. Instructors assimilate multiple learning opportunities through Community Based Instruction, Community Based Work Experience and Classroom Curriculum to teach students skills and strategies. Instruction is adapted to accommodate the learning level of students within the following areas: Academics, Social and Emotional, Communication, Independent Functioning, Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination, Pre-Employment, Daily Living and Community Experience. The students are provided educational services through their Individual Education Plan until they are of age 22.

The Havens Transitions Program
High School/High Tech and Work Trek
Offers career exploration, vocational-based learning, youth leadership
The Haven for Adults & Children with Disabilities
4405 Desoto Road
Sarasota, FL 34235
   Xela Brutus, Program Coordinator
   (941) 355-8808 ext. 272
   Sierra Ebersole, Director of Client Services
   (941) 355-8808 ext. 214
Transitions serves high school students with a range of disabilities ages 14-22 that have an IEP. Career exploration, vocational skills development, post-secondary exploration, and leadership skills are the focus of the program.

The we-Work Lab
(941) 361-6428
Vocational Training
The School Board of Sarasota County
Oak Park School
7285 Proctor Road
Sarasota, FL 34241
   Maria Gradin, Instructor
   Helen Pastore, Instructor
   Sarah Conway, Job Coach
The we-Work Lab is designed for students to acquire pre-employability and vocational skills in a simulated work environment on campus. The Lab integrates functional academics, communication, independent functioning and social skills development to support transition planning and self-determination. Job coaching through the lab provides individualized campus-based work tasks to increase specific skills acquisition, socialization, daily living skills and academic functioning for students improve post-school outcomes. Additionally, we have partnered with Community Haven (local agency) to bridge transition services to post-school options for students.



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