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Employment Checklist for Students with Disabilities


Employment Checklist for Students with Disabilities Exiting High School

Planning My Future



I direct my IEP meetings or am actively involved in all IEP decisions.

I know what my short term employment goal is.

I know what my long term career goal is.

I have a plan for achieving my long term career goal.

My Job Hunting Skills



I have researched employers for whom I would like to work.

I have received permission from my references to give their names and information to potential employers.

I have a completed job application or information sheet.

I have a resume.

I have practiced a good, firm handshake..

I can answer the most common interview questions.

I know what questions to ask during an interview.

I make good eye contact when interviewing.

I know what I will wear to an interview. 

I have arranged transportation to and from interviews.

I know how to follow up after an interview.

I have scheduled job interviews with the companies I have identified.

I know that I should wait to provide my Social Security Number until I am hired.

My Disability



I know what my disability is and can describe how it affects my work.

If my disability is hidden, I have decided whether to disclose it or not.

If I have decided not to disclose my disability, I know how to manage it on the job.

If I have decided to disclose my disability or if my disability is evident, I know what accommodations and/or supports I need and can describe them to an employer.

I have a routine for taking my medications if they are needed for my disability.

I have a copy of my Summary of Performance and know whether or not I should share parts of it with an employer.

My Job Keeping Skills



I have appropriate skills and knowledge for the jobs for which I am applying.

I know how to fill out my W-2, I-9, and other employment forms.

I have arranged transportation to and from my job.

I perform at or above expectations for work maturity skills.*

Just in Case



I have letters of reference from teachers, former employers, and others.

I have a copy of my unofficial high school transcript.

I know how to request a copy of my official transcript from my high school.

*See Work Maturity and Job Specific Skills Training Record (p. 35).  Florida Department of Education. (2005, November).  Non-Paid Community Based Vocational Education (CBVE) Programs. (Technical Assistance Paper 2698).  Tallahassee, FL:  Author. Available at



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