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Employment Checklist Supplement/Significant Disabilities


Employment Checklist Supplement

for Students with Significant Disabilities Exiting High School

Planning My Future



I know about SSI, SSDI, Medicaid, Medicare and other disability benefits that may be available to me.

I have identified a certified benefits planner to help develop a written benefits analysis to support my goal of economic self-sufficiency.

I know about competitive employment options such as customized employment, job carving, telecommuting, and microenterprise.

I am actively involved in selecting my job coaches or employment specialists, developing compensatory work strategies, and developing a plan to "fade" supports (i.e., replace outside supports with natural supports).

I plan to work at least 20 hours per week and earn minimum wage or higher.

My Job Hunting Skills



I have identified community rehabilitation programs and other employment service providers in the area where I would like to work. 

I know the characteristics of quality jobs including fair wages, company benefits, opportunities for advancement, regular contact with coworkers who are not disabled, and opportunities for social interactions with coworkers during breaks and after work.

My Disability



I know when I need compensatory strategies (lists, cues, color coding, etc.) and how to develop them on the job. 

My Job Keeping Skills



I have a long-term support plan to ensure job retention.

Just in Case



I have access to ongoing support services in case I am laid off or change jobs.

This supplemental checklist is drawn from material in:  Brooke, V.A., Revell, G., & Wehman, P.  (2009, Mar/Apr).  Quality indicators for competitive employment outcomes.  Teaching Exceptional Children, 41, 4, 58-66.

The "Quality Indicators for Competitive Employment Outcomes" Fact Sheet is on-line at

The "Quality Indicators for Review of Competitive Employment Job Outcomes" form is available at

An earlier (2003) article on competitive employment and quality indicators is available on-line at   



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