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Accepting a Job Offer

Accepting a Job Offer
Applying for a Job
Disclosing a Disability/Requesting Accommodations
Job Searching - Job Developing
Benefits Planning for Employment
Keeping a Job
Employing Youth with Significant Disabilities
Supporting Youth on the Job
Resources Related to the Employment of People with Disabilities

Accepting a Job Offer

This page contains information for students who are deciding whether to accept a job offer and the educators and parents who are supporting them. 

Finding a Job that is Right for You: A Practical Approach to Looking for a Job as a Person with Disability
On-line guide with a "You got the job. Now what?" section that discusses strategies for success, requesting job accommodations, and more.

Entering the World of Work: What Youth with Mental Health Needs Should Know about Accommodations 
Fact Sheet that discusses how the American with Disabilities Act applies to youth with mental health needs, youth job concerns and accommodations that address them, and more. 
Contains questions to ask yourself before accepting a job offer; information on how to evaluate a job offer, background checks, employment forms, the probationary period; preparing to start a new job, tips for surviving and more.

Quintessential Careers 
Web site with tutorials, quizzes, strategies, articles, tips, and other resources on fielding job offers, negotiating salaries and benefits, making a good first impression on a new job, and a "Jobs and Career Resources for Teenagers" page.

Life Event:  Start a New Job 
Web page on the legal aspects of starting a new job including a new job checklist and information on employee contracts and handbooks, job references, documentation (proof of age, I-9 verifying who you are, W-4 for federal withholding tax), salary, benefits, and more.

Creative Job Search 
On-line guide with a wealth of information including tips for negotiating when a job is offered.

Nine Ways to Start Your New Job Right 
Article from U.S. News and World Report.



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