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Self-determination is the process of taking control and making decisions that affect one’s life. A study conducted with more than 1,500 successful people from business, science, sports and the arts, revealed that "successful people in any field excel at making decisions, self managing their behavior and adapting to changing circumstances." (Garfield 1986)

Self-determination provides students with the skills and abilities to
- make choices
- make decisions
- problem solve
- set and attain goals
- self-advocate
- independently perform

For more information and resources on self-determination and the closely linked concept of self-advocacy, go to the Project 10 Self-Advocacy and Self-Determination page of Effective Practices&PageSubCategory=Student Development

Please Note: The scope and sequence for the Self-Determination course (7963140) can be found here when it becomes available. 


Garfield, C. (1986). Peak performers: The new heroes of American business. New York, NY: Avon Books.



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