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GAO Report: Challenges in the Transition from High School



Government Accountability Office Report 12-594, Students with Disabilities: Better Federal Coordination Could Lessen Challenges in the Transition From High School (July 2012), provides information on 1) challenges students with disabilities encounter when accessing federally funded transition services, 2) the extent to which federal agencies coordinate services, 3) stakeholder input including that of state and local officials, service providers, parents, and students with disabilities (inside cover).  

The report also recommends that the Social Security Administration and the three federal Departments of Education, Labor, and Health and Human Services develop an interagency transition strategy that addresses 1) operating toward common outcome goals for transitioning youth; 2) increasing awareness of available transition services; and 3) assessing the effectiveness of their coordination efforts in order to improve the provision of transition services to students with disabilities (inside cover).

Florida was one of five states interviewed in the report. Project 10 is mentioned on page 11 as a "state effort to coordinate services across programs" as follows:

"Florida's 'Project 10 Transition Education Network' helps school districts provide appropriate planning and timely transition services to assist students with disabilities in their transition to adulthood and to improve their academic success and post-school outcomes. One of the network's current focuses is on interagency collaboration, with the goal of improving collaboration between school districts and community agencies that provide transition services to young adults with disabilities." 

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