Indicator 2 - Dropout Rate
Strategies and Resources

This page describes Indicator 2 of the State Performance Plan required by IDEA 2004 and lists strategies for improvement and resources. Indicator 2 of the State Performance Plan required by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004 is the percent of youth with IEPs dropping out of high school.

Strategies for Improving Indicator 2


  • Review data collection and input procedures related to the dropout rate.
  • Review and analyze trend and disaggregated data, including district, district region/feeder pattern, school, race, disability, to identify problem areas in the dropout rate.
  • Review Compliance Self-Assessment Data for SPP Indicator 2.

Policies, Procedures and Practices

  • Review district and school policies and procedures to determine if existing policies or procedures may be impacting dropout rate.
  • Identify and implement evidence-based practices that are known to impact dropout rate, such as the use of predictor data.

Training, Professional Development, and Technical Assistance

  • Identify areas of need and develop a schedule of professional development activities designed to impact dropout rate.
  • Identify or develop resources for providing professional development on improving dropout rate.
  • Solicit training and/or technical assistance from Project 10: Transition Education Network, other Bureau discretionary projects, and/or the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services to improve outcomes.

Resources for Improving Indicator 2

Internal Resources

Project 10 - Dropout Prevention

National Resources

College & Career Readiness & Success Center

National Dropout Prevention Center

National Dropout Prevention Center/Network – Dropout Risk Factors and Exemplary Programs: A Technical Report (pdf)

National Dropout Prevention Center for Students with Disabilities

National High School Center and SEDL - Early Warning System (EWS) Tool

UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools - Dropout Prevention

State Resources

Florida Department of Education - Dropout Prevention Resources and Publications

Florida Department of Education - Education Information and Accountability Services (EIAS) Publications and Reports

Florida Department of Education - Office of Dropout Prevention