District Resources

Nassau County resources related to the transition of students with disabilities are provided in multiple categories in the box to the right. Some resources may be included in more than one category.

Local School District Resources

Nassau Public Schools - Exceptional Student Education Page  

Exceptional Student Education Director
Patricia Kelly, Director |
(904) 491-9880

Exceptional Student Education Transition Specialist
Patricia Langford, Specialist |
(904) 491-9880
Kathleen Hardee, Coordinator |

Department of Juvenile Justice Transition Contact
Andreu Powell |
(904) 491-9883
Supports youth returning from DJJ programs to re-enter school, assists with transferring and receiving educational records and provides information to districts on local school options for returning DJJ students.

FDLRS (Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resources System) - Crown  
Henry Schmitges, Coordinator |
(904) 348-7623
Provides diagnostic and instructional support services to district exceptional student education programs and families of students with exceptionalities statewide.

SEDNET - Multiagency Network for Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities  
Kathryn Lawrence, Project Manager |  
Travis Nolan, Project Manager |
(904) 336-4400

Enhances the system of care for families and students with emotional disabilities through facilitation, collaboration and direct intervention, as well as research and development, with a network of key stakeholders.

Florida District Map
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