District Resources

Highlands County resources related to the transition of students with disabilities are provided in multiple categories in the box to the right. Some resources may be included in more than one category.

Local Agency Resources

Agency for Person with Disabilities (APD)
Jeannette Estes, Central Region Manager
(407) 245-0440
Supports persons with developmental disabilities (spina bifida, autism, cerebral palsy, Prader-Willi syndrome and mental retardation) in living, learning and working in their communities.

Children’s Medical Services - Florida
(321) 639-5888
Offers programs for children and young adults with special needs including health services, child protection and safety, child and family information, early intervention and child development and newborn screening provided by highly qualified physicians, nurses, social workers and other healthcare providers

Department of Children and Families
Sharron Washington, Regional Director
(407) 317-7000
(800) 300-4323
Provides information and/or services for adoption, child care, family safety, financial assistance, foster care, refugee services and mental health.

Division of Blind Services
Leigh Ann Bellamy, District Administrator
(941) 721-2914
(850) 245-0300
Provides services to persons who are blind, have severe visual impairments and have disabling conditions that make it difficult to read regular print including early-intervention education to children from birth to 5 years of age, a school-to-work transition program, independent living services, job opportunities in food service, and Braille and talking book library services.

Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Laurel White, Supervisor Sebring Unit 
(863) 386-6077
Works with people who have physical or mental disabilities to prepare for, gain, or retain employment and find meaningful careers.

Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center
(941) 359-1404 I info@LighthouseEducationCenter.org
7318 North Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL, USA
The Lighthouse Vision Loss Education Center provides training in skills that promote self-sufficiency and independence in the lives of individuals who have vision loss. Our programs offer a holistic approach by providing training and rehabilitation to foster independence, productivity, and improved quality of life. Through interview and assessment, classes and resources are carefully chosen to provide each client with skills to live independently and with confidence to undertake activities. Training may vary from individual in-home instruction to facility-based classroom training sessions.

Florida District Map
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